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Cuisines You Can Prepare for the Family this Holiday Season

Cuisines You Can Prepare for the Family this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a perfect time to hang out with family and friends. And what better way to have fun with them than preparing a sumptuous dinner? Prepare a variety of traditional foods from different countries, then get your staples from an international supermarket in San Antonio, Texas to ensure they’re of high quality. Specifically, here are the cuisines you might like to try:

  • African
    Traditional African food has a distinctively rich and spicy flavor. You can prepare Piri Piri chicken, a specialty of Mozambique, or Jollof rice and egusi soup, which are Nigerian traditional foods. African foods are mostly made of locally grown fruits, veggies, meat products, milk, and cereal grains.

  • Indian
    The intensely colorful and flavorful Indian food is well-loved. You can prepare the traditional spicy rice dish, lentil soup with Indian spices and veggies, and Alu Gobi.

  • Caribbean
    Caribbean cuisine is a blend of European, African, and Indian cuisine, highlighting the use of jerk sauce and marinades. Callaloo, coco bread with Jamaican patty, and cassava cakes are three of the traditional dishes you might like to try. Drop by a reliable Caribbean store in Texas to grab the Jamaican Holy Trinity of ingredients—spring onions, Scotch bonnet peppers, and fresh thyme.

  • Mediterranean
    Do you like to stick to a healthy diet to avoid gaining weight? Prepare Mediterranean foods. This cuisine includes fresh veggies and fruits, protein-rich legumes, whole grains, red meat, and a moderate amount of wine.

  • Take your holiday experience to a new level by preparing these foods. To stretch your budget, create a shopping list first before going to a grocery store in Texas. Or better yet, shop at First Choice International Supermarket to get all the ingredients you need in one place.

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