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Cooking Insights: Healthiest Ways to Cook Meat

Cooking Insights: Healthiest Ways to Cook Meat

Let’s face it. Meat has now been receiving some bad rap, considering its high-saturated fat and cholesterol content. However, meat can still be nutritious if you’ve chosen the right type of meat and have prepared it the right way. According to nutritionists and studies, here are the healthiest ways to prepare meat:

  • Slow Cooking – This cooking method is best if you like to turn tough and sinewy joints of meat into tender morsels. Specifically, this applies if you’re cooking oxtail, beef shin, and pork shoulder.
  • Roasting – If you’re cooking large cuts of lamb, beef, pork, or veal, this is the best method to use. You can buy aromatics and seasonings from an International Supermarket in San Antonio, Texas to make your roasted meat more flavorful.
  • Broiling – With this method, all you need to do is to cut the meat into ¾-inch by ½-inch cut and place inside the oven. This is perfect for beef because this will deliver a crispy crust while keeping the meat’s tenderness.
  • Steaming – Also called moist-heating, steaming allows you to cook meat with water. Of course, you can add seasoning to the water to add taste. Just purchase your seasonings from a reliable grocery store in Texas to ensure freshness of products.
  • Cooking in liquid – If you’re cooking less tender meat cuts, you can place the meat in a container and slowly simmer until tender. You can add a little seasoning to either the meat or the water to add flavor. You should also cook the meat with the right temperature, specifically not higher than 195°F. Cooking it at 212°F, which is the boiling point, can harden the meat proteins.

If you can’t let go of meat in your daily diet, just apply the cooking methods above and prepare it in a healthy manner. It will not also hurt you to explore different cooking methods. Are you now looking forward to buying additional ingredients? You can rely on First Choice International Supermarket, a Caribbean store in Texas that supplies a range of international cuisine ingredients.

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